The newest backsteinhaus production!

Headless | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre›Headless‹ as a picture for the madness in the body and in society. The headless position inside our scale of values. A bad posture as physical state of emergency. Headless, with a stiff neck, without alternatives or simple manipulable. It is unhealthy.

The head as central point of gravity and mental control centre, is hang over without shape. Is it out off place? Are we out of the straight line? Is he normal? Or is everything ok?


>> Next shows:
29. March 2017 | Westfälische Kammerspiele, Paderborn | Tickets
1. April 2017 | Roxy, Ulm | Tickets
10./11./12./13. May 2017 | Theater Rampe, Stuttgart | Tickets


Looking Inside Headless

Documentary by Christopher Bühler
There will be a screening before and after every show at Theater Rampe!

›Looking Inside Headless‹ shows how a free dance company works and delivers insigths into the rehearsals for the backsteinhaus production ›Headless‹. There will be a screening of the 20-minute documentary before every show of the piece at Theater Rampe.


How to sell a murder house

by Sibylle Berg. A Coproduction with Theater Rampe.

How to sell a murder house | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

>> Premiere:
24. March 2017 | Garden Campus Vaihingen
(Eiermann Areal) | Tickets

More shows:
25. March 2017
12./13./14. April 2017
3./4./5./6. May 2017


We are looking for a dancer (m/f) age 50+

Nicki Liszta and the team of backsteinhaus produktion are looking for a performer (m/f) with age 50+ for a dance production which will premiere in Octobre 2017 at Theater Rampe Stuttgart. Physical background is required and the possibility to be and move in a four feet position on the knees for an hour.

Rehearsals and shows are payed with the funding of the city Stuttgart and the Land Baden-Württemberg. Rehearsals are payed with 500 € per week and shows with 120 € per show.

Production from 10th July 2017 until 12th October 2017 (with breaks in between).
Premiere will take place at 12. October 2017 at Theater Rampe Stuttgart.
More shows on 13./14. and 18.-21. October 2017.
Being available on the showdates is required.

When you are interested please contact us!
Send us an e-mail with photo and short information about your background to: audition@nickiliszta.de

paradies fluten

// flooding paradise

by Thomas Köck. A Coproduction with Theater Rampe

paradies fluten | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

Acting and Dance: Sarah Bauerett, Lilly Bendl, Ariel Cohen, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Niko Eleftheriadis, Britta Gemmer, Steffi Schadeweg, Isabelle v. Gatterburg, Raimund Widra, Andy Zondag

Musicians: Heiko Giering, Georg Bomhard, Thorge Pries

Direction & Choreography: Marie Bues & Nicki Liszta
Stage & Costumes: Claudia Irro
Music Director: Heiko Giering
Dramaturgy: Martina Grohmann
Assistant Director: Tobias Tönjes
Executive Director backsteinhaus produktion: Isabelle v. Gatterburg
Photography: Felix Grünschloß & Florian Krauß
Stage right: Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin

>> Next show:
14. June 2017 | Autorentheatertage – Deutsches Theater, Berlin | Tickets


Collaboration with Theater Rampe

Now it is official!

Theater Rampe | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance TheatreFrom season 2016/2017 on we’ll have a homebase theatre!

Rampe tanzt: for the season 2016/2017 backsteinhaus produktion and Theater Rampe will collaborate!

The season will start with a production from Marie Bues and Nicki Liszta: a piece written by Thomas Köck  ›paradies fluten‹.

Premiere 17. September 2016. Mehr


 // Change Of Scenery

A Cooperation with the Theater Paderborn

Theater Paderborn - Ortswechsel | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance TheatreA project that includes people with and without handicap, in the memorial museum Wewelsburg. A project from Theater Paderborn in collaboration with backsteinhaus produktion.

What does movement mean to you? Which places you allways come back to? Where do you not like to go? The former SS-building at the Wewelsburg creates the frame for a dance performance, that is trying to find answers to these questions in this place full of history.

Premiere: 01. July 2016
More shows: 02./03 July 2016


Great news: Most promising newcomers

Tanz – Zeitschrift für Ballett, Tanz und Performance | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance TheatreIn the new Yearbook 2015 of the dance magazine Tanz you can find an article about Nicki in the category Most promising newcomers, it is written by Angela Reinhardt.