House of Antibodies

Haus der Antikörper | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanz // Theater // Dance

A Coproduction with Theater Rampe and Theater Lübeck

Premiere: 18. April 2020 // 8:00 p.m. // Theater Rampe, Stuttgart
Lübeck premiere: 16. May 2020 // 7:30 p.m. // Kulturwerft Gollan, Lübeck

The bodies are in turmoil, the organism collapses: the heart stops for a moment, the breath stops, the time stops before resuscitation begins. The ›House of Antibodies‹ spreads out on five simultaneous stages as a wavering organism. A concert sets the musical pulse, to which the bodies of the dancers rebel in their rooms or organs. A course through the inside of the body, an organic structure of work, family, illness, conflict and their renewal.

Current situation

Dear audience, dear colleagues!

Like everyone, we have to react to the current situation due to the virus every day. We still try to continue working, even if this is no longer possible in the same form as before.

We are unlikely to be able to play our next premiere House of Antibodies normally, but we still hope to make it public in some way.
For that we are working hard on ideas and concepts!


Wolfgang | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

A backsteinhaus production

Upcoming shows: 19. & 20. June 2020 // Lichthof Theater, Hamburg

If man fell on his hands, walked as a quadruped, let grow his fur and stood and howled, evolution would have taken a significant step. A piece for a speaker, a conductor, a musician and trucker, a choir, five to six dancers and a child. As wolves, they dance in a Europe, from which they were expelled for a long time. Wolfgang beats his path as an untamable endangerer, lonely, mangy and posthuman in search of a home. Who wants me? The ones looking for shelter present themselves at their best. Territorialisation, whether cartographic, biologically evolutionary or just in the mind, is an incisive process. backsteinhaus produktion gets on the ball and follows it to the limit of its own possibilities.

›Wolfgang‹ was invited to Korea for the Seoul International Dance Festival 2018 and selected for the Tanz Yearbook 2018 as one of the seven best pieces about homeland.


Vesper | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanz // Theater // Dance

A production for children (4+) by JES – Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in collaboration with backsteinhaus produktion

The table is set, at least for us. ›Vesper‹ explores through dance playful the common break and hunger as a subjective as well as a global monster. Visually rich and almost textless, the two performer search for a fair distribution among each other and are accompanied and supported by the young audience in the final shared snack. It will be danced, shared, played, eaten, burped and farted until the police arrives, the stage gets sick and a big question remains in the room: How the hell can we make it, make up for it, change it?


The latest backsteinhaus production!

The lust for life becomes fatality to the world as to humankind, susceptibility becomes our own noose. Out of great love for life, backsteinhaus produktion creates a counterconcept and is passionately devoted to purely organic material disposal. How closeness is practiced gently, how living together is sustainably negotiated and how life happens without leaving a trace tells this misanthropic-optimistic utopia of love. Let’s celebrate life with the protagonists of ›Platonia‹!


Superbia | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

A backsteinhaus production

In this orchestral ideological union, which cultivates its high culture through power demonstration and haughtiness, the arrogance of mankind is reflected. Superbias system shows the basic manipulative mechanisms of ideological systems. The power of persuasion that is necessary to prevail ideas and move masses is always a question of attitude. How much haughtiness does one have to show, so that people will follow? This is not about content, it is about control.


Headless | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

A backsteinhaus production

Two, headless and stiff-necked, prepare themselves for a partner dance and sing a song together: a song against fear. ›Headless‹ is a parable of the time of general insecurity, resistance and its consequential damages – a posture exercise. Based on a straightforward position and the head as the body’s own resistance this duet was created at the time of the presidential election in the US in 2016 and can be taken literally in this sense. Because maintaining the position is difficult, the head tilts forward or backward, the human body straying stiff-necked and headless. And when the head steps out of line, madness forges ahead.

Nominated for the George Tabori Award 2018

George Tabori Preis 2018 | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

We are nominated for the sponsorship award!

The award honors the remarkable ability to create an experimental format and striking artistic handwriting, as an exploration of new aesthetic ways – an ›upcoming‹ regardless of age or working period, which is being noticed nationwide.
»The Stuttgarter Physical Theater Company ›backsteinhaus produktion‹ around Nicki Liszta« is among other things nominated »for her radical and unusual formal language, which creates a highly political dance theater.«

Portrait of Nicki Liszta in ›Tanz‹

Tanz – Zeitschrift für Ballett, Tanz und Performance, Januar 2018 | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre

Thank you for this portrait by Angela Reinhardt in ›Tanz‹!

»Through a free scene that is practically silent, her pieces echo like little explosions. … Liszta’s art reduces the distance between the artist and the audience, substituting aesthetic contemplation or passive pondering through situations of horror and distance, provoking a physical reaction to what has been seen.«

To read in the January edition of ›Tanz‹ or online in the theater magazine of Friedrich-Verlag.