Show down

Show down | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanz // Theater // Dance

The latest backsteinhaus production!

Premiere: 29. September, 2021 // Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

We are invited to some festivals and guest performances!

We are happy to be in Sweden in September at Gothenburg Fringe Festival and online at Online STOFF – Stockholm Fringe Festival,
to play in October in Essen and Münster at Full Spin – Internationales Physical Theatre Festival and in Finland at FinFringe Turku,
and about the guest performances in October at EinTanzHaus in Mannheim and in November at Lichthof Theater in Hamburg!

Here you can find all the exact dates.

›Show down‹ is a solo for a human prototype and an entire ensemble’s collection of stories of our origin, newly narrating and retelling the story of incarnation. The ensemble dives into our past, learns and hides, searches for traces, imitates, dances, and invites you on a special ancestral path. And thus prepares the next forward role into another future.

Corona update

Dear audience, dear colleagues!

Like everyone, we have to react to the current situation due to the virus every day. We continue working, even if this is no longer possible in the same form as before.

The premiere of the latest backsteinhaus production Show down at Theater Rampe is planned for September 29th!

Best wishes and stay healthy!


Transparency | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanz // Theater // Dance

24. July 2021 // 19:30 // Nahe an der Kunst: Sommerfestival des Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart

We are continuously tracked, screened and analyzed, scanned for usable data. In this performance by backsteinhaus produktion, three performers anticipate the omnipresent data collection mania in digital space. They make their private data and intimate details public, transparent. They exhibit everything that makes them stand out. Taking their shirts off their backs.


Haus der Antikörper | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanz // Theater // Dance

In ›Cocooning / kəˈkuːnɪŋ /‹ the virus brings its sweet gift to the cellar, where a kidney is doing its lonely hard work until then. In the bathroom a lung is barely able to breathe and in the living-room a uterus is always ready to receive. The heart beats everywhere and swells with the rhythm of a resuscitation. From room to room and from organ to organ, the virus pushes open doors and also the circulation.