2008 zwischen häuten

between skins


In ›zwischen häuten‹ the relationship of real encounters in an observed situation is put under the microscope. Whether Big Brother TV or Soap Opera – Plot of them is the interpersonal relationships of the protagonists and the consequences of daily dramas. ›zwischen häuten‹ is a piece of dance theatre, which satirically looks at these everyday dramas. An alternative soap opera, exaggerated, light-hearted and affectionate; poking fun at an over-dramatic reality and a multi-coloured bunch named relationship.  A voyeuristic view into a flat shared by three women.


Premiere: 23. Mai 2008 // Rotebühltheater Stuttgart


Awarded with the Stuttgart Theater Award 2008



Dance: Isabelle Gatterburg, Dimitra Kolokouri, Ineke Wolters

Music: Georg Bomhard, Heiko Giering, Thorge Pries

Artistic direction: Nicki Liszta
Szenography: Kaspar Wimberley
Music director: Georg Bomhard

Duration of the piece: ca. 60 minutes


»One of the women sits at the table and waits almost the entire performance for her guest to arrive. She whiles away the time talking with smoked fish. Another drowns herself dramatically in a bucket, and the last runs away, followed by her camera, out of the theatre and down the stairs, where she is finally taken hostage by a fish in a car. … The performance constantly plays with your expectations, repeatedly piling one surprise on top of another.« Angela Reinhardt, Eßlinger Zeitung/Tanznetz.de, 26.05.2008


›zwischen häuten‹ was funded through the City of Stuttgart, the Landesverband freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e. V., mit Mitteln des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst and the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. Kindly supported by Atelier Roseweiss and Burkert & Miller GmbH.


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