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av@tar, party time
av@tar, Happy Birthday Diane
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Photos: Felix Sauter


»Seeking like-minded people who like to meet new people, love role-play, enjoy living out their fantasies, and think hypocritical double standards are a disease.«

The birthday party of an aging lady. The atmosphere seems strange and unreal. The guests as well as the apparent hostess play games and tease each other. But what kind of game are they getting more and more involved in? Is it all not real in the end?

A play about virtual worlds of a somewhat different kind. The focus is on the secret desires, the motives of the protagonists to enter and dive into the virtual world. They move fluidly between reality and virtual space. What or who is only wishful thinking and where does the line run? Is virtual life really always so much better than reality?


Premiere: 11. June 2009 // Rotebühltheater, Stuttgart


Nominated for the Stuttgart Theater Award 2010



Performance and creation: Britta Gemmer, Diane Marstboom, Robert Skatulla/Tobias MacIsaac

Artistic director: Nicki Liszta
Executive director and artistic assistant: Isabelle Gatterburg
Szenography: Kaspar Wimberley
Stage and costumes: Susanne Kudielka
Dialogue coach: Caroline Intrup
Music editing: Heiko Giering

Duration of the piece: ca. 60 minutes


»Surreal and beautifully absurd Dance Theater with three fascinating and unstoppable dancers, Britta Gemmer, Diane Marstboom and Robert Skatulla. … Extreme physical theatre to cheerful accordion folk music, a love story with passion and pain. As absurd as all of the images may be (Its hard to find a comparison for Nicki Lisztas wild imagination in the current dance scene), they do not feel artificial for one minute.« Angela Reinhardt, Eßlinger Zeitung / Tanznetz.de, 26.05.2008