2011 Der sich den Wolf tanzt

He who dances himself a wolf

A piece of the series ›Life is no picnic – The 7 deadly sins‹


What is the value of mortal sins in our time? Playing on the form of various fairytales, the performers search for the definition of ›good or evil‹, of ›right or wrong‹, of ›the wolve or Little Red Riding Hood‹.

Who or what is your personal wolf? What value do you give the wolf in everyday life? The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood shake hands this evening and try to give their relationship a new direction.


Premiere: 23. May 2011 // Theaterhaus, Stuttgart



Performance, creation and artistic direction: Nicki Liszta, Isabelle v. Gatterburg, Kaspar Wimberley

Co-direction and dialogue coach: Caroline Intrup
Music: Heiko Giering

Duration of the piece: ca. 45 minutes