Freie Sicht // Free vision

by Marius von Mayenburg
A coproduction with Theater Aalen

Freie Sicht | backsteinhaus produktion | Tanztheater // Physical Theatre // Dance Theatre


The adults agree: Something is wrong with this little girl. Someone needs to talk to her. Not all together. That would cause unpredictable consequences.

But she’s still a child! What shall we say? More and more the group emotion rises up, till a vague feeling develops into a pure paranoia. It is not a game, what the girl is doing. And something has to be done before it leads into a disaster. No matter what the cost.


Premiere: 29. September 2012 // Theater Aalen – Altes Gaswerk


Performer: Parwanhe Frei, Isabelle v. Gatterburg, Natascha Heimes, Linda Meyer, Maria Thomas, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Lars Fabian, Hendrik Pape, Stephan Weigelin, Alexander Wilß

Musician: Tobias Fend

Artistic directors: Katharina Kreuzhage & Nicki Liszta
Stage and costumes: Ariane Scherpf