2014 Forever Medea

3rd floor 2nd door left

A piece of the series ›Text and Dance‹


»So basically I can’t complain, not at all. I feel our everyday life here is very structured. And honestly, I must say, you wouldn’t think so, but I’m really good here. They wake me up in the morning and the woman who controls the life signs is incredibly polite. She opens the door, quite discreetly only a slit, and then she says »Good morning.« You wake up with a good feeling. I’ve made myself comfortable here. I will stay forever. It may sound funny, but honestly, I feel strong and somehow immortal, like a goddess. I realized  if I had never given birth to my children, I would never had to kill them.«

Inspired by the myth of Medea, this piece by backsteinhaus produktion presents a modern confrontation with an unimaginable act. In her solo, Nicki Liszta explores the limits of repression, self-determination and liberation.


Premiere: 19. June 2014 // OST – Freie Szene im Depot, Stuttgart



Dance and acting: Nicki Liszta

Musician: Heiko Giering

Direction & Choreography: Nicki Liszta, Christian Müller, Isabelle v. Gatterburg
Music director, Composition: Heiko Giering
Stage & costumes: Valentin Eisele
Lighting: Ingo Joos
Video: Dilini C. Keethapongalan, Christian Müller

Duration of the piece: ca. 55 minutes


With ›Forever Medea‹ backsteinhaus produktion / nicki liszta & co. continues the series ›Text and Dance‹. Funded through conceptions-subsidies of the City of Stuttgart. Kindly supported by Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance Stuttgart and Teilchenbeschleuniger.


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