Ten million steps

Photos: Valentin Eisele


A person has a contingent of 10,000,000 steps available in his life. If this contingent is exhausted, other forms of locomotion must be found. Whether walking frame or integration assistance – finding yourself under new circumstances requires support.

Fabrice Onana is from Yaounde in Cameroon. 8,681,081 steps he needed from Yaounde to Stuttgart. He took the remaining steps for civil service walks. His contingent of steps is exhausted. Now he needs help. To orient himself, to walk, to live. But how much integration assistance does a person need? And when does the support turn to disempowerment?

The duet examines the fine line between these two aspects and thus directs it’s attention also on the european bureaucracy.


Premiere: 22. November 2016 // Theaterhaus, Stuttgart



Performance and creation: Isabelle v. Gatterburg, Fabrice Onana
Artistic director: Nicki Liszta

Duration of the piece: aprox. 15 minutes