How to sell a murder house

by Sibylle Berg
A coproduction with Theater Rampe

Photos: Daniela Wolf


With Sibylle Berg’s ›How to sell a murder house – A danced real estate portfolio‹, the director Marie Bues and the choreographer Nicki Liszta imagine drastic explorations of reality: while the city sinks in the civil war, a man saves himself in the vacant house on the Hill as last resort. But even up here the madness of the big city, the crisis of the corporate and financial world and the failure of the white, western, heterosexual man can not be stopped … An abominable evil and at the same time tragic horror trip!

On a slightly hilly terrain in Stuttgart-Vaihingen is located the former head office of IBM Germany. Egon Eiermann, the star architect of the German economic miracle, designed the area as an impressive, functional and detailed architecture full of solid craftsmanship. The buildings stood in the middle of beautiful trees, island-like directly at the Autobahnkreuz Stuttgart. But after the departure of IBM in 2009 threatened the site the decay, nature and the vandal man grew into these buildings of international importance.

And today? Currently the Garden Campus Vaihingen, as the Eiermann site has officially been called by the Entrepreneur Group Gerch Group, is a city-planning project for the city of Stuttgart: a new city center is to be built here. It is reason enough to overwhelm Eiermann’s testimony of the past working world and the long-standing threat to architecture. To fictionalize. To dance!


Premiere: 24. March 2017 – German debut performance // Garden Campus Vaihingen (Eiermann Areal)


Performer: Ariel Cohen, Niko Eleftheriadis, Ariadna Gironès Mata, Karolina Horster, Jan Jaroszek, Annett Kruschke, Winston Reynolds

Artistic directors: Marie Bues & Nicki Liszta
Assistant choreographer: Isabelle v. Gatterburg
Stage & costumes: Claudia Irro
Music: Kat Kaufmann
Dramaturgy: Hannah Schwegler
Assistant Director: Tobias Tönjes


How to get there:
Garden Campus Vaihingen (Eiermann Areal), Pascalstraße 100, 70569 Stuttgart

By public transport
Mit der U1 Vaihingen bis Vaihingen Bahnhof, ab Vaihingen ZOB mit Bus 84 (Richtung Gründgensstraße) bis zur Endhaltestelle Gründgensstraße. Dann sind es noch 10 Minuten Fußweg bis zur Pascalstraße 100.

Outward journey – from Vaihingen ZOB
19:24 Bus 84 (Richtung Gründgensstraße)
19:34 Ankunft Gründgensstraße
10 Minuten Fußweg
19:44 Ankunft am Spielort

Return journey – from Haltestelle Gründgensstraße
21:55 Bus 84 (Richtung Vaihingen ZOB)
22:05 Ankunft Vaihingen ZOB
22:10 U1 (Richtung Fellbach)

How to get there by car
Go to Pascalstraße 100. There is sufficent free parking available


Coproduction of Theater Rampe and backsteinhaus produktion in the line of the three-year collaboration ›Rampe tanzt!‹. Kindly supported by Gerchgroup. Funded through the Land Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart.


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