Die tonight, live forever oder Das Prinzip Nosferatu // … or The principle Nosferatu

Text by Sivan Ben Yishai
A coproduction with the Theater Rampe and the Theater Lübeck

Photos: Kerstin Schomburg


Nos Fe Ra Tu. / Does this word not sound like the death bird calling your name at midnight? / Beware you never say it. For then the pictures of life will fade into shadows. / Haunting dreams will climb forth from your heart and nourish themselves on your blood.

Vampires are among us. ›DIE TONIGHT, LIVE FOREVER oder DAS PRINZIP NOSFERATU‹ is a multidisciplinary theater evening developed by the author Sivan Ben Yishai, the director Marie Bues, the choreographer Nicki Liszta and the dramaturge Anja Sackarendt for text, dance, drama, music and performance. A hybrid based on the question of the undead of today. How do people move through urban landscapes, through a radicalizing environment, between sharpening political and social fronts: on the screens of social networks, urged on identity constructs, surrounded by disguised and unveiled power positions, in the midst of the dynamics of gentrification and precarization, influencers and more ›viruses‹.

The evening develops a dynamic in which time and space are out of joint, the worlds of night and day overlap. In Murnau’s silent film ›Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror‹, the loving woman, through her devotion and dying, redeems the city from the vampire and the plague. In Bram Stoker’s novel ›Dracula‹ the vampire is hunted and a sharp knife pierces the heart of the vampire. The characters from ›DIE TONIGHT, LIVE FOREVER oder DAS PRINZIP NOSFERATU‹ persist in the high frequency of opposites to surrender or to continue fighting. They dance through the night, through well-middle-class suburbs. They spot like-minded people and adversaries. It is the call of darkness that drives them. The constant search for salvation and connection and the desire for rehabilitation of this grotesque imbalance of our time. Between efficiency and perish, between longing and greed, between powerlessness and deep repression.

›DIE TONIGHT, LIVE FOREVER oder DAS PRINZIP NOSFERATU‹ examines the image of the vampire in terms of cultural criticism and body politics and tells from the different positions about the ›undead‹ – of the marginalized, forcibly-aligned or suppressed. Brush your teeth and shine with us!


Debut performance: 30. November 2018 // Theater Lübeck
Stuttgart premiere: 26. March 2019 // Theater Rampe Stuttgart

Guest performances:
6. & 7. April 2019 // Schauspielhaus Wien, Vienna (Austria)
3. November 2019 // Staatstheater Hannover



Performer: Rachel Behringer, Chloé Beillevaire, Steven Chotard, Niko Eleftheriadis, Astrid Färber, Heiner Kock, David Ledger, Sophie Pfennigstorf, Andreia Rodrigues, Will Workman

Artistic directors: Marie Bues & Nicki Liszta
Translation: Maren Kames
Stage & costumes: Claudia Irro
Assistant stage & costumes: Annatina Huwiler
Music: Heiko Giering
Dramaturgy: Anja Sackarendt
Video projection: Christopher Bühler
Executive director backsteinhaus produktion: Isabelle v. Gatterburg
Assistant public relations backsteinhaus produktion: Caroline Intrup
Assistant director: Catrin Mosler
Intern stage design: Paulina Stumpf

Performance management Theater Rampe: Tobias Tönjes
Video documentation: Katharina Spuida-Jabbouti


Coproduction with Theater Lübeck and Theater Rampe.
Funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes).
The video shoot was realized with the friendly support of the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus and the Lübecker Schwimmbäder.


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