A backsteinhaus production


If man fell on his hands, walked as a quadruped, let grow his fur and stood and howled, evolution would have taken a significant step. How much better would the savage, the angry, the left-behind, the humiliated, and the offended be. No hate speech, no hands free for weapons or possessions to grab. He would have a dripping mouth, not to eat his neighbors, but to supply them with food thrown back. So he would finally no longer be a threat and become completely innocent, moving freely across all borders pure of heart.

A piece for a speaker, a conductor, a musician and trucker, a choir, five to six dancers and a child. As wolves, they dance in a Europe, from which they were expelled for a long time. Territorialization, whether cartographic, biologically evolutionary or just in the mind, is an incisive process. backsteinhaus produktion gets on the ball and follows it with soft velvet paws to the limit of its own possibilities. Howling, the wolves drag down the barriers of our thinking and tear at the image of the stranger, the intruder and the frightener. They leave the broken wall behind and show us how peaceful social interaction can be lived harmlessly and safely.

›Wolfgang‹ was invited to Korea for the Seoul International Dance Festival 2018 and selected for the Tanz Yearbook 2018 as one of the seven best pieces about homeland.


Upcoming shows:
16., 17. & 18. May 2019 // 8:00 pm // Theater Rampe, Stuttgart // Tickets