Workshop at Landesmuseum Württemberg

The free dance and theater scene of Stuttgart
guest at Landesmuseum Württemberg

Workshop by backsteinhaus produktion
with Nicki Liszta, Isabelle Gatterburg, Heiko Gering

We unfold our way of working – which is not based on predetermined movements, but consists of a constant request to seek and to discover for ourselves. Through tasks we improvise and create movement material and let the different peculiarities of each individual anatomy come into their own.

As well as our work, our workshops are in a constant process. We are interested in developing together with the people/participants and the tasks always offer only a basis for the work with each body. We are happy to physically and thematically scan the frame given by us, expand it and sometimes blow it up. In doing so, we steer in our aesthetic direction but at the same time demand to redefine our own performative and physical boundaries.

After a warm-up we get into the different improvisation tasks and work partly in groups or individually on our own movement language, which can be further and further defined to a choreography and thus becomes reproducible.


6. October 2019 // 1:00 pm // Landesmuseum Württemberg // Fee: 20 € // Registration