backsteinhaus produktion

Dance // Theater



The individual and recognizable signature of backsteinhaus produktion is the creation of absurd worlds with an authentic, real aesthetic. The work with its idiosyncratic and interdisciplinary formal language is on the border of contemporary dance and theater.

backsteinhaus produktion thematically highlights current events and develops caricatures of our society by means of theatrical exaggeration. The contradictions of the human individual and the community are reduced to concrete social, physical and spatial conditions and create a distinctive cosmos. Spatial proximity, the directness of the action and the intensive collaboration of the performers in the creation of the pieces create a high degree of authenticity and depth.

Whether in the black box as well as in the development at non-theater-spaces, backsteinhaus produktion realizes emotionally immersive dance theater that examines and questions our society.

backsteinhaus produktion has been located at the Theater Rampe in Stuttgart since 2016 and cooperates from there with various other collaborators.


Excerpt of the jury statement for the Nomination
for the George Tabori Sponsorship Award 2018

»Characteristic for the works of the company is an idiosyncratic and interdisciplinary aesthetic language on the border of dance and theater.
backsteinhaus produktion stands for the ruthless and radical realization of their themes, which is also very physically characterized by the sheer force of the performer’s movement. Their venues are often unconventional, beyond the usual theater stage. They take the realities and situations of their performers as the starting point for their work. Due to this the productions of backsteinhaus produktion have a high degree of authenticity and richness of detail without being blatant or simplifying. They create wonderful images of highly political theater based on clever and intelligent concepts: in the presence of the place-less bodies, they fill real spaces with movements that are extremely lively.
In the sensitive tracking of their time, they very often anticipate future social issues and developments in their work. All this the jury considers extremely remarkable.«



Nominated for the George Tabori Sponsorship Award 2018
Dance- and Theater Award Baden-Württemberg 2015 | ›Absent‹
Nominated for the Dance- and Theater Award Baden-Württemberg 2013 | ›Superbia‹
Nominated for the StuttgartTheater Award 2010 | ›Avatar‹
Stuttgart Theater Award 2008 | ›zwischen häuten‹