Photos: Valentin Eisele


›Headless‹ is a parable about the time of general insecurity, resistance and its consequential damage, a posture exercise and a song against fear. Based on a straightforward position and the head as the body’s own resistance, choreographer Nicki Liszta developed this partner dance with the dancers Andreia Rodrigues, Giancarlo D’Antonio and Isabelle von Gatterburg. It was created at the same time as the presidential election in the US in 2016 and can be taken literally in this sense.

But don’t worry, it’s just an exercise in a protected space. The carpet is rolled out, the hall brightly lit. In any case, it is safe here. The catastrophe is being rehearsed. Take an upright position! Shoulders back, head straight, firm look forward, then you are ready and prepared for all cases. If necessary, various aids are available, because the upright walk is a complex learning process. Backbone and posture are part of an evolution that is far from over. Maintaining the position is difficult, the head tilts forward or backward, the human body straying stiff-necked and headless. And when the head steps out of line, madness forges ahead.


»›Headless‹ is the second piece from the artistic cooperation between backsteinhaus produktion and Theater Rampe. It is a parabola to this time, which is characterized by uncertainty, resistance and their consequences. A lesson that has succeeded. Without morality, sometimes black-haired, it shows what madness can break through when the head dances out of the line, but sometimes also when the head is back but then in the wrong way.
To the music of Heiko Giering, who composed a quiet, sometimes drifting mix of electro, pop folk and percussion sound, not only the players test their boundaries in an impressive athletic tour de force. But also the boundaries of the society are presented, an experiment which goes under the skin for forces own reflection.« Petra Mostbacher-Dix, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 25./26. February 2017


Premiere: 23. February 2017 // Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

Guest performances:
29. March 2017 // Theater Paderborn
1. April 2017 // Roxy, Ulm
8. & 9. February 2019 // Lichthof Theater, Hamburg