A backsteinhaus production!

Graphic: panorama // Photos: Daniela Wolf


Simple maths is providing the right path / glittering and decorated with laugh / walk it through and you will glow / forever in the natures flow

According to safety regulations, 3.6 persons are allowed on one square meter of earth. 10 billion people are already predicted by the year 2100. It’ll be tight in this world.

The lust for life becomes fatality to the world as to humankind, susceptibility becomes our own noose. Out of great love for life, backsteinhaus produktion creates a counterconcept and is passionately devoted to purely organic material disposal. ›Platonia‹ understands the order of the world as a balancing act between ecosystem and human impact.
As a mouthpiece for the planet, ›Platonia‹ recounts how intimacy can be practiced gently and living together is made sustainable – for diversity in nature, for climate protection and self-regulated food chains. This makes our misanthropic heart beat faster and our conscience become pure. So we finally defy the deficient reality and take to the theater the idea of an ​​ideal world. Self-determined and enlightened, we go the path of the only way out. Not depressed and not excessive. The elimination of errors takes place in peaceful coexistence, self-responsible and courageous. Rationality is the essence of salvation.
Following the thoughts of a woman in her thirties, between the desire of having a child but not leaving more footprints, raises the question of whether her personal decision could be a solution for the entire planet. Out of this world of ideas unfolds the grotesque landscape of a civilization on demand, which leads us into a future of radical overpopulation and the platonic ideal of residue-free life and love.
›Platonia‹ follows the trail of this romantic idea and its absurd and fantastic development – and celebrates life.


Premiere: 6. June 2018 // Theater Rampe, Stuttgart