Portrait of Nicki Liszta in ›Tanz‹

Thank you for this portrait by Angela Reinhardt in the dance magazine ›Tanz‹!

Tanz – magazine for ballet, dance and performance, January 2018


»Through a free scene that is practically silent, her pieces echo like little explosions. Nicki Liszta won the Stuttgarter Theater Award for the best dance production in 2008, right away with her debut piece ›zwischen häuten‹. Since then, in the city of ballet miracle and Gauthier Dance, she has been holding up the flag of contemporary dance, throwing bodies against walls, crushing the thighs of leg scissors, tearing the audience off with raw meat or through-the-night-stumbling from his passive stance. As public you are always a bit on guard in these pieces, too often surprises happen, tilts idyll into violence and chasms open behind the facades. Liszta’s art reduces the distance between the artist and the audience, substituting aesthetic contemplation or passive pondering through situations of horror and distance, provoking a physical reaction to what has been seen.« Angela Reinhardt, Dance – Ballet, Dance and Performance Journal, January 2018


The whole article can be read in the January edition of ›Tanz‹ or online in the theater magazine of Friedrich-Verlag.