A production for children (4+) by JES – Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in collaboration with backsteinhaus produktion

Graphic: JES Stuttgart // Photos: Alex Wunsch


A growl. A rumble. Pause. A grumble, a clear complaint of emptiness, or was it something else? The growling – was it your stomach? ›Vesper‹ explores through dance playful the common break and hunger as a subjective as well as a global monster. The table is set, at least for us.

›Vesper‹ is a call for better distribution, a question to the next generation, a story about two gluttons and a room for one or more stomachs to fill. Young and old from the age of 4 are invited to master the abundance with the two performers Franziska Schmitz and Kelvin Burkhard and to follow the flow of nutrients in our body. Visually rich and almost textless, the two search for a fair distribution among each other and are accompanied and supported by the young audience in the final shared snack. It will be danced, shared, played, eaten, burped and farted until the police arrives, the stage gets sick and a big question remains in the room: How the hell can we make it, make up for it, change it?


Premiere: 9. March 2019 // JES – Junges Ensemble Stuttgart



»To illustrate this problem of distribution even to the youngest, Liszta has two very hungry (stirring: Franziska Schmitz and Kelvin Kilonzo) dance through a sophisticated landscape of organs that fight for anything that rumbles through the esophagus into the digestive tract. In front of wonderfully bubbling video images (Christopher Bühler) and to the driving electrobeats of the composer Heiko Giering … they stuff not only the incoming bites greedy in pants and shirt. … The young spectators and their parents were justifiably thrilled. Rich in images, Liszta sums up the issue of food and distribution – and creates an enthralling plea for justice and an agrarian revolution for the younger generation.« Petra Mostbacher-Dix, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 12. March 2019